What's in your food?

1. Product choices
Each person within their group will choose 2 products from
their category.
  • Categories will include: breakfast foods, chips and crackers, cookies, candy and beverages

2. Research
Each person will research his or her products.
Include the following:
  • Nutrition label
  • Ingredients
  • Additives: Choose at least 5
additives contained in your product and describe what they
are, what they are used for within this product, and whether
or not they are harmful or helpful based on your readings.
Include how the additives may affect the body and what other
products these additives may be found in.

3. Poster
Included on your posterboard should be the following;
Picture of products
Nutrition label
Research on additives

4. Resources
In order to find the nutritional information for your product,
you can go to caloriecount.com, calorieking.com, or the website for the maker of your product.
The maker of your product will have more specific information as well as the picture of your product. Take a look and see which website works for you
5. Presentation
Neatness will count. Presentation is important for this project, as it will be displayed in the hallway for your peers to see. I am counting on you to do your best on this project.

**Please consult rubric given to you in class for more information about what is expected for this project.