Ms. Schultz
Overview and Expectations
Welcome back from your Summer break! Our health class this year will be very interesting and informative. This class will focus on wellness and life skills that you will need as you prepare yourself for high school and beyond. We will be creating a SAFE environment in which to explore various issues and make informed decisions.

Our class will cover many units including; wellness, nutrition, self-esteem, body image, emotional and mental health, decision making, human sexuality, tobacco/substance abuse and many others.


  • No gum, food or drink (besides water) are allowed in my classroom
  • Always behave respectfully towards other students, teachers, yourself and classroom materials
  • Do not put anything in the desks and do not write/draw on them
  • Be on time for class or have a note from an adult excusing your tardiness
  • Be prepared for class with all necessary materials every day. Materials include your binder, paper, and a pen/pencil.
  • Participate in class on a daily basis; make sure you raise your hand at least once during each class period
  • If you are absent it is your responsibility to come and see me about any missed work, quizzes and/or tests. We see each other only twice a week. It is very important that if you are not at school, you get the information that is missing!

1. Respect:

Respect for each other and me is absolutely crucial in this class. Some of our discussions will be very thought provoking and many different views will be expressed. In order for us to have a safe environment and interesting discussion, each one of us must show respect for everyone in our class. Tolerance for all views is expected.

2. Listening:

Whether you are listening to me, a group, a guest speaker, or another student, it is imperative that you listen respectively and actively. Please think before you speak and ask pertinent questions that will enhance our discussion or an explanation of an activity.

3. Behavior:

Some topics in health may be sensitive for some students and comfort levels may vary. Please know that going in and act accordingly. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. A warning will be given and a change in behavior will be expected. If there is no change, I will discuss the problem with an administrator and then call a parent or guardian. However, this does not excuse disrespectful behavior. It will affect your overall grade!

Grading Rubric
Class Participation 30%
Test/ Projects 30%
Quizzes 20%
Homework 20%

Homework will be assigned often and is due the next class, unless otherwise noted. Make up work will be accepted within one week of the original date of the assignment. NO exceptions. You should always use both sides of the paper, and write neatly and legibly or your HW will not be accepted. if typing your homework is preferred, that works as well. A 0 for an assignment will effect your grade, so make sure you check in with me if you think you are missing any homework.

Quizzes will happen often and may not always be announced, so make sure that you are studying on a regular basis, keeping up with the class, and that you are prepared for all classes. We will have regular vocabulary quizzes, as well as quizzes based on the material from class and any handouts you may have. I am available for extra help, should you need it.

Tests will be given at the end of each unit. We will review for most tests during class, so bring questions and concerns that you might have. You are also responsible for studying for tests at home, see me if you need help with strategies on how to study.

Projects will be assigned frequently throughout the year. Some projects will be completed individually, while others will be done as a group. Be sure you read through the directions for each project to make sure you meet all the requirements and understand what is being asked. You should take your time to carefully complete projects, and do not leave them until the night before they are due. Your projects should be well thought out and put together with quality and care. If you ever need help or have questions, do not hesitate to come see me.

Participation is one of the most important aspects of this health class. You are expected to participate every single day in class. The more you participate, the more you will learn. Finally, this is a type of class you have never seen before. There are going to be times where you are uncomfortable. This is completely normal. Some of these topics you have never discussed or thought about… but this is the perfect time to do so. You can bet that most of the other students in the class are also feeling anxious and uncomfortable at different points of this class. We will talk about how we feel and how uncomfortable some subjects are, but it will get easier.

Introduction to health
NormsIdentity BoxNutritionCyber BullyingSecond Step- Developmentally appropriate ways to teach core social-emotional skills such as empathy,emotion management, and problem solving.Project Alert-Substance AwarenessMental HealthSexual Health-Get Real from Planned ParenthoodFitness